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66l duramax turbocharger removal procedures stepbystep lly lbz turbo coolant drain line. The Mishimoto 6. 9L / 6. 6L Duramax LBZ/LMM. Pres Dorman’s Diesel Solutions provides wide range coverage for the following engine types Dodge 5. 6L Duramax diesel engines. 01+ Duramax Heater Hose Connector at Heater Core. Radiator The radiator is a heat exchanger. I have tinkered before on older cars and projects ive attempted to build. 0 Powerstroke. How to remove heater hose from firewall diesel place chevrolet how to remove heater hose from firewall diesel place chevrolet and gmc diesel truck forums. A couple of weeks ago the Low Coolant Level message came on. the engine and let it run until you can feel the upper radiator hose getting hot. 7 quarts, so he was closer than you think. As the coolant is dumped into the exhaust system, it quickly vaporizes and turns from liquid to steam and comes out of the exhaust. It consists of a core and two tanks. The rear freeze plug is under a LOT of pressure. 01-19 Duramax Coolant Block Drain Gasket (0) Reviews: Write first review. 6L Duramax $28. A leaking coolant hose can lead to serious engine damage if not quickly identified. . 2004 Duramax Fuel System Diagram • this is images about 2004 duramax fuel system diagram posted by Ella Brouillard in 2004 category. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases 6. When it cools down, it 'should' pull coolant back into the engine. The LLY was available for 2004 to 2006 model year GMC and Chevrolet HD pickups. 6L Duramax LLY specifications, history, & information. 6L Duramax 94034146 Coolant Block Drain Gasket, LB7 LLY LBZ LMM LML LGH L5P, 2001-2018 Duramax The block drains on each side of the engine use this gasket on the plug to ensure no leaks. I have an 04 Duramax LB7 with 129k which runs great except for the fact that it's burning coolant. Buy a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Radiator Hose at discount prices. I've spent hours looking for it. My problem is i notice the heat in the cab only work when i drove up the road. Quality Diesel truck parts . Hey guys I have a 2009 gmc duramax that has a coolant leak on the passenger side that I can't find. My Account Contact Us. I first noticed a leak after starting the truck one cold winter morning. Apr 11, 2018 Due to the water pump's location on the Duramax, it's often a dreaded From there, the coolant can be drained and the lower radiator hose (which having a replacement on hand), we definitely didn't want it to spring a leak. Johnny Walker: Coolant leaks are often signs of a failing water pump. Clampco Spring-Loaded Hose Clamps. They experienced some injector issues early on, but quickly addressed the problems. Hope this helps. Mishimoto coolant hoses are manufactured with high-grade silicone and four layers of heat-resistant embedded fibers to provide increased pressure and temperature tolerance. 6L V8 Turbo Diesel Crew Cab Pickup open up the radiator and make sure its only coolant in there, if its a sludgy mixture then you have an issue with the oil cooler built into the radiator. turbo coolant drain . . Large diameter coolant hose w/ 90 deg bend @ passenger side. How to repair Duramax 06 water leak fix egr bypass hose. Nothing Happens in a Vacuum…Except When it Does. (Figure 2) 2. I have an 05 Duramax that runs great. The factory diesel oil cooler on your Duramax diesel is often a weak point in your cooling system. Find What You Need Fast With AutoZone, finding a heater hose quick connector that fits your vehicle is easier than ever. And ideas would be great. Performance cooling systems, including surge tanks, radiators, water pumps, electric fans, coolant bypass and filter kits, thermostats, hoses, pipes and more! Upgrade your cooling system with the Mishimoto 6. com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on Lisle 22100 Flywheel Locking Tool for 6. 6L Duramax 2500 Coolant Hose Find great deals on eBay for duramax hoses. Mishimoto 06-10 Chevrolet/GMC 6. 6L 2004. At the end of this web site there is likewise a 2003 Ford Explorer Radiator Diagram photo gallery, if the image over is inadequate for you. Factory Replacement and Aftermarket Performance Parts for 2001 - 2004 Chevy GMC Duramax 6. (Silverado/Sierra Duramax LB7 Diesel. If your engine cooling system is in need of repair, don’t compromise the performance and safety of your car with suspect, off-brand replacement parts from the local auto parts Mishimoto's Duramax coolant hose kits are constructed from a combination of high-grade silicone and four layers of heat-resistant fibers to provide superior durability and increased pressure tolerance. Your vehicle relies on the performance of your engine. How to flush the coolant antifreeze in a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD LT 6. I am by no means a mechanic. Hose fit ok, but after several weeks a leak developed in one of the fittings. Feb 21, 2018 Proper Coolant Level on the 6. As this small amount of bypassed fluid leaves the coolant filter, it enters the expansion tank which eventually makes it way into the lower radiator hose and back into the lower radiator hose and resumes its original path. 6L Duramax silicone coolant hose kit for the perfect combination of performance and durability. We are the professionals! Largest Selection If you don't find the part, we'll get it for you! A loose injector will allow the fuel injector and the injector sleeve to bounce inside of the cylinder head, resulting in coolant leaking into the cylinder. 5L Engine Cylinder  Jan 2, 2011 Duramax. Choose top quality brands AC Delco, Dayco, Gates, MacKay. Tags: #2003 ford explorer cooling system diagram #2003 ford explorer radiator diagram #2003 ford explorer radiator hose diagram « Facebook; Twitter; Pin CP3 High Pressure Fuel Injection Pump System Remove the turbo cooling return line holes clamp and the hose itself. Description: Genuine GM/AC Delco Replacement Parts Rear Cover Coolant Seal, LB7 LLY LBZ LMM, 2001-2010 Duramax Blown Black Performance Difference ; We're the Experts Ask us anything. 6L Duramax LB7 engine featuring the latest in Bosch Common Rail Injector technology. Page 53 7. 6 duramax in it. Rubber is out, and silicone is in for your Duramax coolant hoses! Upgrade your cooling system with the Mishimoto 6. Vehicle is loosing coolant (about 1 gal. Price Match Guarantee! Welcome Guest. I have never owned a diesel before. 6L V8 Duramax diesel: Coolant The engine coolant is a solution made up of a 50-50 mixture of DEX-COOL and suitable drinking water. GM Duramax - 2011-2016 LML VIN Code 8 - Cooling System. Fits coolant bypass pipe from water pump to thermostat housing. Items 1 - 49 of 49 04. If you need a heater hose connector, check out O'Reilly Auto Parts. Free Same Day Store Pickup. Gates 22650 Lower Radiator Hose Gates Coolant Hose - Molded 22650 Branched (ONE PER PKG) (22650) Lisle 22100 Flywheel Locking Tool for 6. 4L / 6. Own one of these trucks long enough and you'll eventually be faced with the prospect of replacing the original water pump. In the picture below you will see a 3" rubber hose with two clamps on each end. 6L Duramax Silicone Coolant Hose Kit, like all of our Duramax performance parts, includes Chevy Silverado 2005, Engine Coolant Hose by Genuine®. The engine will expel coolant into the overflow tank when it warms up. No issues at all until a week ago when I found a small (about 2 inch diameter) coolant puddle under the passenger side The Mishimoto coolant hose kit is protected by our lifetime warranty and is offered in black, blue, and red. 6L Duramax 2500 Coolant Hose Engine Coolant Loss on 2002-2016 GM 6. This is the upper seal at the thermostat housing. I think it was 3/8" I bought some of the high pressure power steering hose and used it because of the heat factor-it lasts a little longer. 00+. 0 Cooling System Breakdown by Tom Georgalos This specific problem is aimed at the 6. Duramax Diesel GT3788VA VGT Turbo Removal Guide. Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in store. 6 lbz cooling diagram,2004 dodge fuel system diagram,07 duramax parts diagram,2004 freightliner fuel system diagram,2003 duramax diagram,lb7 The radiator diagram for a 2007 Duramax can be found in the maintenance manual. 6L Duramax 4. 5 Diesel to Duramax Fan Conversion Kit 1999-1/2 to Coolant Bypass Hose for use with Dual Well I'm out of ideas and need some help. Home → GM Duramax → GM Duramax 11-16 6. Our engineers took the Duramax platform and significantly improved horsepower and torque with the Duramaximizer, at a time when there were no consumer performance options available for these new common-rail electronic diesel engines. Some changes and upgrades to the 2006 Duramax 6600 include: 6 6 duramax sel engine problems as well lb7 duramax sel engine diagram in conjunction with duramax lb7 engine diagram moreover duramax lb7 engine parts diagram in addition 6 6 duramax sel parts diagram together with 6 6 duramax sel engine diagram likewise duramax sel engine diagram plus teseh engine parts diagram additionally lmm duramax engine wire diagram moreover 6 6 duramax engine diagram Add coolant until you see a steady stream of coolant coming from the bleed valve. This hose kit also has billet CNC-machined quick-disconnects for a direct OEM fit with absolutely no cutting required. I looked around the engine compartment for leaks and found that a pinhole had been rubbed through the hose that leads from the overflow tank to the lower radiator hose; the hose had been rubbing against the radiator shroud. Don’t panic, however, as radiator hose collapse is usually a straightforward fix. The Mishimoto Duramax coolant hose kit is ideal for use on both stock and modified trucks for any environment or terrain. 56 . com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases If a heater hose connector fails, you may notice coolant leaks under the vehicle. Cycle the engine from idle to 3000 RPM in 30 second intervals until the engine coolant reaches 99 C SOURCE: coolant leak from upper radiator hose where it meets engine thermistate housing is the place you refer to it fuction is to hold a thermastate to open and close water flow at 150 to 190 degree according to car spectif the thermaste sticks it causes overheating and can blow the thermastate gasget, the tole cost is about 30$ at most for the thermastate and gasgetnow many other things Visit the post for more. Shop with confidence. Average repair cost is $700 at 93,450 miles. I originally thought the old, scarred knicked hose to be the source of my leak as it had coolant on it. With the coolant surge tank pressure cap off, start the engine and let it run until you can feel the upper radiator hose getting hot. Duramax cooling system capacity is actually 24. If you've noticed coolant leaking from your car and need to replace the hose connector fast, head down to your nearest AutoZone location and shop our inventory of the best heater hose quick connectors for cars and trucks. 2006 chevy duramax fuel system diagram The only trucks you can buy with a hybrid system and a low range transfer case are the chevy diagram the lexus is either decelerating or under braking because the dotted lines indicate energy is The process flow and piping instrumentation diagrams are with the 6. 6L V8 Duramax diesel: 2006, 2007 Lower Radiator Hose Retainer LB7-t. Leave your comments or questions. This leak will leave coolant down the front of the engine. The thermostat provides control for your engine's warm-up period. 920-361-7700. Coolant leak inspection and repair: 1. Watch out for the engine cooling fan. Orilleys had the size in their computer so thats what I went with. Upgrade your Duramax cooling system with the Mishimoto 6. ! It kinda sounds like this turbo line. A thin 3-foot line of orange coolant was left behind in the snow when I backed the truck up in my driveway. 15075709 . If damage is found, replace the damaged components. But when doing a cooling system "flush" you are actually exchanging the coolant, typically with a machine that puts new coolant (already mixed 50/50) into the system as the old is leaving. Duramax Diesel Fuel Lines. 6L GM Duramax Mishimoto silicone coolant hose kits are constructed from a combination of high-grade silicone and four layers of heat-resistant fibers to provide superior durability and increased pressure tolerance. 6L Duramax Coolant Flow Radiator And Engine Block Below is an explanation of this system's operation The Thermostat Just like your body needs to warm up when you begin to exercise, your car's engine needs to warm up when it starts its exercise. Find the replacement fuel lines you need for your Chevy Thank you everyone for your posts…The car is NOT over-heating at all, and the hoses are hooked up correctly to the reservoir tank. Buy Gates 22650 Lower Radiator Hose: Radiator - Amazon. Its more likely a sign that your engine oil cooler is plugged and is restricting the flow of XDP Duramax LML EGR Delete (XD167) Page 7 Step 23: Install the 3/8” bypass cap and hose clamp. Hose was tuff to push in place and it was easier to cut old hose. Buy Gates 23419 Coolant Hose: Radiator - Amazon. A radiator diagram can also be obtained by asking for a printout at an auto part store. 9 out of Hi, I am wanting to install a circulating block heater in my lly duramax. Price Match Guarantee! Mishimoto Duramax Silicone Hose Coolant Kit (Black) (0) Reviews: Write first review. I replaced the original factory water pump in March of this year (2013). Here's the secret on how to replace them. This will eliminate the possibility of blowing the rear freeze plug and also help coolant flow along cylinder #6. #3 on Diagram Only-Genuine OE Factory Original Item. PPE Silicone Upper & Lower Coolant Hose Kit (2001-2005). Thanks,! The PPE Silicone Upper and Lower Coolant Hose Kit replaces the worn or leaky factory coolant hoses in your 2006-2010 GM 6. I plan to do a complete flush and refill with fresh antifreeze and thermostat at the same time. Buy Dorman 603-102 Coolant Reservoir Bottle: Coolant Recovery Kits - Amazon. Order Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Hose (Heater) online today. The majority of the coolant on each pass takes its normal path. dex cool makes the pumps go pretty quick, if it is the pump thats weeping make sure to flush the system and put some regular old green coolant in and never ever mix green with dex. Lb7 engine diagram wiring diagram repair guides 6 6 duramax wiring diagram wiring diagram paper. I carefully cut the hose to get the broken barb fitting off then cut the other good hose in order to loop the hoses back on themselves using the Prestone T-fitting as a connector and bypassed the heater core. Visually inspect all cooling system hoses/connections for evidence of coolant loss such as white coolant residue (dried coolant) or liquid coolant and repair as necessary. First of all, it’s important to note that some engines are designed to push coolant through the top hose, the radiator and then out the bottom hose. I agree with your general consensus to change the radiator cap, perhaps the excess pressure is whats pushing all the coolant out of the reservoir. Related Post of 2003 Ford Explorer Radiator Diagram. Part Number: 766172- . Hoses, Hose Kits, Pipes & Clamps. Factory coolant hose T fittings are molded hose or made out of plastic and are prone to cracking at junctions, causing coolant loss. New hose'll last 2x Upgrade your cooling system with the Mishimoto 6. The routing of transmission lines will go from the radiator into the transmission bell housing. 6L LML GM Duramax Intercoolers / Radiators / Condensors. When you need to replace or configure critical pieces of your complex machinery, trust Gates to deliver high capacity, high performance solutions with our customized coolant hoses. I added about a gallon in the mid summer and the display never went out. I just bought a 2001 3500. Not always. 6L Duramax Diesel Engines The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information on engine coolant loss on 2002-2016 GM 6. 20 Items Shop Cooling System for the GM Duramax 6. Transmission oil cooler hose is used to absorb engine and road vibration. 6L Duramax. I have an 04 Silverado 2500HD 4x4 with a 6. It’s easy to do with our great selection of replacement engine cooling parts. When the warmenr weather gets here, I change it out. 97383472 Turbo Coolant Return Hose, LBZ LMM, 2006-2010 Duramax 2500HD 3500 Upper seal at thermostat housing on coolant bypass pipe from Do you have a picture diagram on removing and installing a new turbo in a 2005 duramax chevy truck? - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic Mishimoto Silicone Coolant Hose Kit 2001-2005 6. The highest place I've tracked it to is the little valley to the lower left of the thermostat housing to the left behind the oil fill tube. The DIESELSITE Coolant Filter Kit is routed in parallel with the current flow of your coolant system. I repair a leak in the heater core hose. • While ATF was designed to operate at temperatures of 175˚F, the reality is that transmission and cooling lines are routinely subjected to conditions that cause it to operate at 220˚F or more, up to Transmission oil cooler hose is used to absorb engine and road vibration. But I don't know. Cooling System Upgrades & Components SSDiesel Supply's TM 6. 25” P-clamp on the 7/8” coolant hose and secure to Order Coolant By-Pass Pipe for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. 6L Duramax  Welcome to the world of transmission and engine oil cooler lines. It is important to note that not all instances of coolant loss on these engines is the result of head gasket failure. 2003 duramax fuel system diagram together with 2003 silverado fuel tank 2003 duramax fuel pressure regulator 2003 duramax diesel fuel system gm duramax fuel system diagram duramax fuel system schematic 05 duramax fuel system diagram 2001 duramax fuel system diagram 2003 chevy duramax fuel system diagram 2001 duramax fuel system 2005 duramax fuel system 2002 duramax fuel system diagram 2003 Founded in 1985, PPE (Pacific Performance Engineering) made engineering innovations the prime directive in pursuit of diesel performance. Once a loose hose clamp had been eliminated as a cause, I theorized that the near zero F overnight temperatures had shrunk the worn seal just enough to allow a leak. 2-1/2 Gallons of Dex-cool went into the system. Install the rear plate(8) marked & o ring(9) in the diagram, then using heater hose, plumb the hose into the heater core return line (the hose that leads down towards the oil filter). If a leak is found at a radiator hose O-ring seal, the radiator hose should be replaced. Trusted manufacturers, top brands, low prices and free shipping over $49! Call 866-255-7212 Anyone have any experience with a blown head gasket on a '04 Duramax Diesel? My truck has been saying "low coolant level" on the dash display since the summer. 6L Duramax Engines, 2001 - 2016 Model Years. 2005 duramax coolant overflow. 3. Poulan p3314wsa parts list and diagram type 2 with mac 3200 chainsaw fuel line the fuel line will have a 12 mm bolt o each side of head remove these bolts and be careful when you find 2002 duramax fuel system diagram wiring photos for help your images gallery inside the bosch cp3 injection pump diesel power magazine rh trucktrend Duramax LLY Overheating: The GM Solution and Beyond My first experience towing with my 2005 LLY Duramax was a thrill – and a disappointment. overheating can be caused by a collapsed lower radiator hose. 6L LML → 2011-16 6. Symptom #3: That "puking" of coolant out of your degas bottle is actually not a sign, necessarily, of a bad EGR cooler. Thanx The Best selection of Automotive Performance parts shop for diesel vehicles. Keep the engine in your 2007 Chevy Silverado running cool and leak-free. Duramax turbo return leak Robert Schutte LLY Duramax headgasket egr cooler leak test symptoms coolant pressure What to look for when buying a Used Duramax *wish I knew this sooner Find great deals on eBay for duramax hoses. Includes key design features, engine specs, horsepower/torque ratings, & more. 7L / 6. 6L Duramax Maintenance Schedule Service Intervals, Part Numbers, & Fluid Capacities for all 6. 2500 3500 LLY LMM LGH Van Express Savana 6. per day) and has significant amount of engine oil in coolant reservoir. I just got done fixing a pesky coolant leak on my LB7. You can also find other images like 2004 duramax cooling system,chevrolet duramax power steering diagram,duramax 6. 6L V8 Turbo Diesel Crew Cab Pickup How-to video for petcock, radiator flush and burping on a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD LT 6. 6L LB7 pickup trucks. Only Haven't read every reply, so maybe already mentioned, but it could be as simple as a loose or cracked hose leading to the coolant overflow reservoir or faulty radiator cap. 6 liter duramax engine will be approved for b20 use. With the coolant surge tank pressure cap off, start mixture, to slightly above the fill mark. 5-2005 LLY ! XDP carries In-Stock. 2006-2010 GM/Chevrolet LBZ and LMM 6. Your engine relies on the performance of your coolant hose. 01+ Duramax Heater Hose Connector at Heater Core (0) Reviews: Write first review. Fuel Line Diagram GM-Duramax Revised 8/5/05. You may also see coolant drips or spray from your heater hoses when the vehicle is running. 15768212 Heater Pipe, LB7 LLY, 2001-2005 DuramaxA common leak point on 01-05 trucks. This can drain the coolant from your system causing overheating and damage. so i figured the coolant was low. 5 to 2016 w/ out damaging. It's easy to do with our Replacement Cooling System Parts. Things under the hood were cool enough by then to begin re-filling with coolant. the radiator hose that leads from the the top of the radiator and leads Pulley diagram for a 2003 gmc sierra duramax? Should be located in a removable housing at the engine end of the upper radiator hose Drain about 1 gallon of coolant from the radiator Remove ALL DIESEL OWNERS SHOULD READ THIS: Powerstroke 6. Disconnect the turbocharger outlet coolant hose. heater core… engine warm-up cycle the bypass valve located in the turbocharger inlet hose at the outlet pipe prevents coolant flow. But that is more than likely your  Products 1 - 60 of 333 Keep the engine in your 2002 Chevy Silverado running cool and leak-free. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35. 0L Vortec with 182K miles. it has the 6. 2L / 6. I am in the process of replacing my head gasket now because of an external leak. 6. 6L Duramax Coolant Hose kit (Red) 888-966-6543 How To: Radiator Stack Removal and Install ok since this has not been done before or if it has it has been hidden in the millions of threads on this forum, I went ahead and decided to take some pics of how to remove, clean and install the radiator stack. If it's soft and you can squeeze it together, then under acceleration This is mainly a sanity check for me. I had already replaced the small rubber hose located in this area. 7 Cummins, Ford 6. Normal cooling system pressure is in the range of 8-10 psi. Huge selection of replacement parts for any diesel engine. The water pump's coolant-side seal is there to contain this pressure against a spinning shaft. GM joined forces with Isuzu in 2001 to release the first 6. 2500HD  800409 Heater Hose Connector at Heater Core, Inlet Outlet, LB7 LLY LBZ LMM LML, 2001-2014Quick disconnect heater hose at heater core. I had my injectors changed about 4k miles ago and didn't have any issues until about 800 miles after the change when it threw the low coolant message. When purchasing parts for your Duramax, be cautious with model years where an engine was phased in/out as the incoming engine may have parts that are not interchangeable with the outgoing engine. 10 Chevy 6. Step 24: Install the 1. Chevy/GMC Duramax 07. The small passages inside many diesel oil coolers can easily become clogged with particulates or scal My '06 was leaking at this hose also. Mishimoto is proud to release a silicone Duramax coolant hose kit specifically for the 2001-2005 6. the hot coolant exit out of the intake. By this time, the coolant level inside the coolant surge tank may be lower. this should pertain to all OBS trucks since I have an LBZ and it is generally the same for the LLY and LB7. I've got mirrors and a scope and I can't pin point it. • While ATF was designed to operate at temperatures of 175˚F, the reality is that transmission and cooling lines are routinely subjected to conditions that cause it to operate at 220˚F or more, up to I have a 2005 GMC 2500HD with the Duramax engine. I tightened up the clamps as best I could and the leak stopped for now. ever. The 2001 Chevrolet Silverado has 10 problems reported for losing coolant. The 2004. 6L Duramax Diesel Engine The low coolant level in the radiator surge tank may be due to the fill process at the Exhaust Camshaft Reluctor Orientation · Oil Leak after 2. 2 required per engine 2500HD 3500 Silverado Sierra 6. 6L Duramax Silicone Coolant Hose Kit. 5-05 LLY Duramax - Cooling System - Merchant Automotive - 01+ Duramax Heater. Over time, this seal will wear until it begins to leak coolant. You should consult the owner's manual and . I can't see where it's coming from. The coolant solution carries excess heat away from the engine to the radiator, where the heat is dissipated to the atmosphere. #PIP5487: 2017 6. 3L Powerstroke and GM 6. Only a very small amount of coolant that would have travelled through the upper radiator hose is "bypassed" from the system to run through the new spin on coolant filter. 5 -10 LMM - Turbo Coolant Line - Does I have tried 5 different lines ranging from what i thought would be the  Oct 26, 2016 More than likely head gasket. 9L / 7. The coolant appears to be pooling here and running down the front of the engine. 2003Chev Silverado Duramax LB7 Air getting in cooling system. This is a genuine GM OEM water pump coolant bypass tube upper o-ring. In stock form, other than some gauges and a power program that added about 100 crankshaft horsepower and roughly 180 foot-pounds of torque, there was no disappointment with the power – it was awesome! Then fill the coolant surge tank with the proper 7. The continual movement of the coolant through the system will eventually insure that the entire system is filtered clean. 6L L5P Duramax Coolant Leaks - Dealer pressure tested it over the weekend, ran the system hot and found a defective lower radiator hose. Diesel Fuel Injectors, EGR Coolers, Diesel Specialty Tools Silverado Duramax fuel lines have engine to hose connection at fuel tank. 0L / 6. Cooling Systems, LBZ. It looked like something major with coolant leaking down the back of the engine. 5L Detroit Diesel and 6. I was wondering if there is a coolant drain plug in my block I can tap into? I was looking for a coolant system diagram for a duramax, but can't seem to find one. All 1999-2014 Chevrolet/GMC trucks & SUVs used plastic heater hose connectors that can fail over time. Yet due to the bi-metal scenario in most diesel engines, good maintenance for all makesand models of diesels is essential. I am not sure which hose I should tap into, with the hose coming from the heater. Do NOT kink the AC lines; refer to image for clarification. Hope you can help. duramax coolant hose diagram

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